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Q. All over the Internet and in antique shops, I see antique phones for sale. How do I know they are original?

A. This is a tough one. There are many reproduction parts on the market today. That means many phones have been pieced together or fully assembled with new parts. Even some of the rarest collectible phones are being reproduced. Our phones are 100% original except for the new cords, networks, and number cards.

Q. Are antique phones good investments?

A. Absolutely! Of course, it depends on the style and age of the phone. However, overall the antique phone collectible market has been strong for many years.

Q. How do I get involved in collecting telephones?

A. There are two major organizations in the U.S. The Antique Telephone Collectors Association and the Telephone Collectors, International. Both sponsor shows across the country.

Q. What is the best style of phone to collect?

A. Wow, a wide open question! A multitude of shapes, ages, styles and colors awaits you in the telephone collector's arena. Simply put, find the types of phones you enjoy and start collecting them.

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