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Alexander Graham Bell
Telephone Instruments
History 1876--1900


The history of the telephone is a fascinating one. Excitement, mystery and intrigue mark the early years.

Several people were developing a device that would transmit and receive the human voice. It was a race to see who would reach the finish line. Amongst all the people vying for the coveted title of, "Inventor of the Telephone," Alexander Graham Bell was the first.

This website is not meant to be the final word on the history of the telephone. Nor is it meant to be a comprehensive study. Instead, this site is meant to simply educate and entertain. 

I have broken the history section into three areas. 

bullet Alexander Graham Bell

              Tells about the brilliant inventor's life.

bullet Telephone History

              A basic overview of the history of telephony.

bullet Telephone Instruments

               A look at how the instrument itself developed and changed.

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The following were a great help in my research:

The History of the Telephone, H. N. Casson, 1910

The Chord of Steel, T. B. Costain, 1960

Telephone, First Hundred Years, John Brooks, 1976.

The Telephone Book, H. M. Boettinger, 1977.

The Rape of Ma Bell, C. R. Kraus & A. W. Duerig, 1988


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